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Wealth Horoscope

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Everybody desires to become rich. But it’s not that simple for everybody in this world, there are many people who earn very simply and   survive a wealthy living. But there are also a lot of people’s who do hard work, and are not capable to earn a lot of money.

Then what is the cause behind this?

How those people are making money simply without any hard work or pains?

If you believe in Astrology or Jyotisha, than know more about the hidden reason of easy money making, which we’ve described. There is a strong Astrological or Jyotisha reason behind this, and you have to believe it, if won’t than the fate is up-to you.

What are the Astrological or Jyotisha hints in the horoscope or kundli to become rich

We’ll focus step by step how the horoscope or kundli works, we’ll start from the houses in our horoscope or kundli, if we study the horoscope or kundli, as per Astrological or Jyotisha principles there are 12 houses, 9 Planets and 12 Signs in our horoscope or kundli. In the life of a person, whichever moments happens i.e. positive or negative, are relied on these 12 houses, 9 Planets and 12 Signs in our horoscope or kundli as per Vedic Astrology or Vedic Jyotisha. Your advantageous planets always co-operates you to accomplish in any particular thing, whenever you try to fulfill some hard work to accomplish a bit in your life. Everything depends on the Power of your Contributor Planets, about the accomplishment of your performed task in your life or not. It is not possible at your end alone for accomplishing in your performed task, and there are chances you may also drop your prospect, if your Contributor Planet does not have enough Potentiality and Supremacy to fulfill it to you. Therefore it makes a clear picture, which depicts that you cannot accomplish in anticipation of your Contributor Planets have Superior Place, Potency and Supremacy in your horoscope or kundli.

Now you may have got the Idea why and what is the reason that even after working hard, success is not accomplished and could not become wealthy in life.

Who can become Rich or Wealthy?

Those people, whose planets have good Potency good Places and Presence of both the qualities of the Contributor Planets in the horoscope or kundli.  Now we’ll highlight on the astrological reasons, how the planets in the horoscope or kundli are helpful for becoming a wealthy person.

Liable Houses of the horoscope or kundli to make Wealthy

1st House
2nd House
10th House
11th House

To make someone wealthy liable or Contributor Planets and Dasha in the horoscope or kundli are the god of 1st, 2nd, 10th, & 11th houses.

To get a Dhan Yoga in the horoscope or kundli, it is necessary that the 1st God should be always in a good place in the Kendra or Trikona for better achievements and accomplishments in life. If the 1st God is located with 2nd or 11th God in the Kendra or Trikona, it generates a combination for a very good prosperity in the horoscope or kundli.

Advantages of locations of the Gods in the above mentioned houses

  • If 2nd God of Moon exist in 10th house, it is known for our profession. Good yoga for making good prosperity through the profession.
  • 11th house is known for earnings and revenue, & is the God should be always in good circumstance, in the Kendra or Trines or should join with Lagna, God or 2nd God.

Now after knowing all the facts & figures of what are the reasons for becoming a wealthy person, there may a be obviously would be rise of question that….

How can you become a Wealthy Person?

Do not get worried about your Dhan Yoga in the horoscope or kundli and if your wealth Contributor Planets does not have adequate Potency to fulfill the accomplishments of your performed hard work. Your time is precious and therefore without squandering it, contact us, leave all your woes & worries, we’ll provide the resolution and remedy for your Dhan Yoga and earn your wealth, by improving the Potentiality of your Contributor Planets by wearing the right Gemstone for achievements in your life.

Pandit KP Tripathi Ji is a well experienced famous financial problem solution expert astrologer in delhi provides the financial problem solutions all over in Delhi. Call Now: +91-9212231120, 8826619182

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