Vaastu Shastra can help you to live a wealthy, healthy , happy and prosperous VAASTUlife. Hence, we cannot negate a role of vaastu consultant who can help you guide accurately at every stage of important decision making in your life. It is always prudent to make wise decisions in such matters as it can affect your well being positively or negatively. Hence, vaastu consultants can play an instrumental role in transforming your way of living. In a nutshell, vastu consultants can play an indispensable role in your journey towards success by advising you in the most accurate manner.


VAASTU2Vaastu Shastra encompasses accumulation of various energies like cosmic energy, solar energy, thermal energy, light energy , wind energy and magnetic energy. These energies have a great influence in our lives. Undoubtedly, it becomes a place for all important day to day activities and hence vaastu shastra becomes utterly important when it comes to structuring the house. If a house is made according to certain vaastu principles then leading a more blissful, peaceful and happy life wouldn’t be a dream.


officeOffice is the main hub for any business activities and therefore making wealth. Hence, office vaastu is an important aspect for many people especially who are looking for successful careers and increased profits. People are usually apprehensive of setting up their offices without taking advise relating to its direction and plot. Also, maintaining a positive environment at workplace can be indeed important. Some of the essential tips which you may need to take into consideration are as follows :
• Constructing an east facing office can bring good luck.
• It is advisable to build pantry in South East.
• Managerial level and other high level people in the office must be made to sit in Southern or Western portion
• It is advisable to construct reception in north east.


commercialIn recent years, commercial vaastu has gained a lot of popularity due to its increased success rates. Builders are usually keen to utilize each and every corner of the commercial space and this can sometimes lead to blunders if they fail to look into the intricacies of building complexes etc. Some of the useful tips which can help include :
• The major construction of the building should be in South or West side.
• It is also prudent to keep electrical equipments and generators in the south east direction.
• There should be more windows on the North & East walls as compared to South & West walls.

How Vaastu Results In Good Results In Our Life

  • A Good Vaastu For Home
  • Bad Vaastu For Home


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