Marriage & Relationship Problems

M arriage & Relationships questions and problems can have a far-reaching impact on an individual’s life and family as well. Therefore, it is necessary that one makes a cautious decision in such scenario..

When Will I get Married?

We all have wanted an answer to this question one time or the other in life.

The society becoming more and more disperse and the relationships becoming more and more independent of families existing in silos, consulting an Expert Astrologer at the time of marriage has become far more important that before. The stars speak and will tell what the neighbours and associates may not be able to say.

When will we have a child or when will I conceive

The pressure of having a child is an immediate outcome of marriage in the family. Get a guidance if you feel it’s time to have the baby, and yet you see no sign of the stork’s visit.

Divorce, Love Triangles, Affairs, cheating by a partner

The slightest flutter of the doubt if your partner is being faithful or not or if there is a third person present in the situation etc. Has answers sitting in your birth chart. You can avoid divorce situations with timely consultation with the Expert Astrologer.

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