Check Your Number to Ring in The Success You Desire

250-2Life is an intricate maze of career, children, prosperity, ambitions issues weighing on one’s mind. Many times we come across situations where some people in spite of being journalists do no meet the success they deserve while others with ordinary calibre dictate the media. There are other cases where a person of not any extraordinary acting skill gets noticed and loved by the masses while great actors remain on the shelf waiting for that one right break. It is all in the play of numbers.

Now, we can’t alter the time and date of birth but what we can rework with are the names and numbers that make our life. Just tuck in an alphabet, shorten the name, etc. And see the drama of life changing for you.

The Famous Fetish For Numerology

When Preparation meets opportunity, it culminates in success.

numerology-bollywoodBollywood is the biggest money churning industry in India, where the stakes are high and the result can either make or destroy one’s life. The scope to take risk is needle wide and neither the producers, directors nor the actors want to ride only on luck. They consult Numerology Experts like Mr K. P. Tripathi to decide the name of the movie, release date, etc.

The principles of numerology have been regularly practiced by the famous and Bollywood as Industry has shown a strong belief in this ancient science by changing their names or getting the cars with their favorable numbers and so on. For e.g. It is well known that actor Ajay Devgan dropped the “an” in his last name and became Ajay Devgn before Singham stardom while Actress Rani Mukherji lets go the “K” on numerologist’s advice to get called Rani Mukerji before she reached the pinnacle of success. There are other actors like Ritesh Deshmukh, who just added an extra “I” to get the numerical power behind him. Numerology is altered his name to Riteish Deshmukh.

A classic case of the meteoric rise of Kareena Kapoor started with changing her name from Kareina Kapoor to Kareena Kapoor.

Numerology has dictated not only name changes for famous people but also have dictated which number they rely on in their daily life. For e.g. Shahrukh Khan is known for his dependence on number 555 for all his cars and vehicles. Actor Salman Khan relies on number 9 while Actor Ranbir Kapoor relies on number 8 to get ahead in the race.

It is a well-known fact that actor, director, producer Rakesh Roshan’s all movies start with the letter K while producer Ekta Kapoor to share the fetish with letter K based on the numerologist advise.

Directors like Vipul Shah, John Matthew Matthan and Sangeet Shivan also consult numerologists. they added an extra ‘y’ to Vipul Shah’s Namastey London and Sajid Nadiadwala’s Heyy Babyy. Both worked well at the box office. After cosnsukting a numerologist . Vipul’s upcoming film, Singh is Kinng has been allocated an extra ‘n’ to make the film a sure-shot success despite having a big star cast. Names of films like Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai, Zubeidaa, Kabkakkth Ishq, Kyaa Kool Hai Hum are all products of numerological calculations. Some of them have done good business.

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