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With over 20 years of experience as a Business Consultant and Business Astrologer.KP Tripathi is amongst the best business strategy consultants in India with clients residing both in India as well as in overseas also. He uses his Special Astrological skills specializing in identifying a company’s weak points and turning them into its main strengths. With Most of the clients have their business runing smooth in the begining but after sometime things become rough and outcome genrated is not often met to the desired expectations. Somehow this is related with the position of the planets in one’s birth chart. Specific Planets governs the business outcome for a person.

A Proper Astrological Insight will provide you deep knowledge about the loopholes causing troubles in your business.
Failure in Business often results into depression causing trauma which starts eating a person from inside and the person is often surrounded by stress.


  • Are you also Facing Problems in Your Business?
  • Are you not able to generate the proper desired outturn from your Business?
  • Do You Feel That Your Business need a rework?
  • Do you feel the need to change your Failures Into Success?
  • Do you need Solutions to All Your Problems?

You Can Get all The Result you Deserve in your life by Consulting the expert Astrologer KP Tripathi
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