Film industry is a very competitive field and promises you good money and fame if you succeed in making a mark in this line. All you need to know is that you can only sustain in this industry which sees thousands of young aspirants every year is when you have your destiny moving with you. Yes, you heard it right. Maybe you possess everything that is needed to become an actor/actress. But, that’s not enough to make you reach your desired goals. Here, astrology plays the rightful role in guiding you whether you would be successful if you take this road of becoming an actor as your career. Many people ignore the signs in their birth chart, but trust me, you wont be able to succeed in long run if you pay no heed to what your birth chart says.
Here are a few planets which can have a positive impact on your career in bollywood because of certain traits which are associated with them. Some of these important planets are Sun, Moon, Mars ,Venus and Rahu and Ketu. Sun needs to be a ruling planet if you are wanting to become a leading actress, actor, director or,producer as it is symbolic of fame, authority, recognition. Similarly, creativity is very important specially if you are wanting to step in the bollywood industry as a director. Therefore, combination of moon and venus becomes vital here. Similarly, mars becomes emblematic of fearlessness, boldness and courageousness which is quitessential trait of any actor or actress. Hence, mars needs to occupy the right place in your birth chart. Always remember, no matter how good you are, your long term success is combination of your hard work and planetary influence of the planets on your birth chart.
Hence, in a nutshell, it can be said that, all you need to look for is to consult an astrologer before you begun to think seriously of entering into acting or drama. An astrologer would analyze your birth chart very accurately and guide you at every point in your life to help you achieve the desired results. Sometimes, your birth chart can have doshas and an astrologer can guide you with certain remedies so that you can reduce the effect of malefic planets on your career. Hence, all you need to keep in mind is doing the right thing.

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