Vastu Shastra Tips While building your house-



The best place for bedroom is South-West or South. One should build the entrance in North or East and definitely not in South-West.


Sleeping Direction


Always place your head in the South direction for a peaceful night. Never place your head towards North as it might be the reason for ill health and nightmares. In case of students, they should place their head towards the east as it infuses them with a positive energy.


Prayer Room


The picture and idols of the deities should always be placed on the east. The pictures of the dead ancestors should be placed outside the deity room. Never construct a prayer room under the staircase as it is considered inauspicious.



Tulasi Plant


Tulasi Plant is worshipped by many Indian households. Moreover, it has medicinal properties and fills the ambience with a positive energy. One should always plant it in front of the house, as it keeps negative influences away. It should ideally be planted in the east direction.





The north-eastern part of the house should be reserved for the kitchen. It should not be located above the Pooja room, bedroom or toilet.




According to Vastu Shastra, the first and foremost thing that one should do before constructing a house is dig a well. This water is considered auspicious for the construction. This well should be round in shape and shouldn’t be shared between two properties. It is preferred either on the North or North-East part of the site and definitely no on the South-East part, since it is the place of fire and it may cause untoward problems later on.





Not in the corners, but bathrooms must be constructed in the eastern part of the house. The toilets must be in the northwest or north part of the building.




According to Vastu, stairs should be built in the West or South direction as it will block all negative energy. The northeast and center should be avoided for stairs. They should either go from East to West or from North to South.




An oil lamp should always be lit in the east direction as it quashes all negative energies. It should contain two wicks and should never face south. To attain spirituality, you can light a lamp in front of the Tulsi tree.




Not in close proximity with the house, trees can be planted in the West or South direction. Negative energies from the South West can be thus blocked. Trees that are good for the house are Neem, Mango, Amla etc. One should never plant a creeper which takes the building wall as support, but rather in the open garden with independent support.



Follow these tips for a happy and peaceful home!

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